Add Survey Definition - Documentation
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Surveys - Add Survey Definition

From the page that opens when you click the New Survey Definition button;
Survey Type: The target audience of the survey is selected.
If you are going to publish the survey on your website, do not mark the relevant item to be filled in from your website.
You can specify the survey link.
Questionnaire Number: You can specify it manually or leave it blank if you are using automatic numbering.
Key: You must specify a keyword so that it can be published on your website.
Project Code: You can specify your project code. You should make sure that the record in the Projects application is the same as the project code.
Information E-mail Recipients: If you are using the mail sending feature, you can add an information recipient for the mails you will send.
In order to fill out the questionnaire, the status must be marked as active.
You can also enable the participants to see the results of the survey.
You must specify the date range in which the survey can be filled in the Survey Date field.
You can specify Participant Status.
You can assign a category, specify a sequence number and add a description.
When you click the Save button, the first step of the recording will be completed.

Summary: A summary of the survey information is displayed. You can cancel or close the survey from the Actions menu.

General Information: You can make changes to the information you fill in the first registration screen.

Survey Preparation

Question Groups can be considered as the top heading, table definitions as subtitles and field definitions as questions to be answered.

Question Groups: After entering the group name, the registration is completed.
Table Definitions: You can think of it as a sub-heading created for question groups. This is the area where you will create a title for the questions you want answered. You can specify how many field definitions (questions) you are considering for the table, specify the number of rows and columns and specify a name for each, and show these headings in the form.
Field Definitions: Refers to the fields you want answered in the form.

When you say Add New Field, you can enter the group for the record you will create, the type of answer (text, multiple choice, etc.), the title (the question to be asked), the obligation to fill, the order, the description, the options to show in the list, add the answer options and choose the placement.

The explanation with the screenshot is supported.

Contact Persons: You can add people responsible for conducting the survey.

Participants: You can edit the survey participants and send an information mail.

You can change the address and presentation, assign parameters and copy the questionnaire.