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Calendar - General Information and Usage

With the Calendar application, you can track your records that you specify the realization date and time.

For the applications that you want to work integrated with the Calendar application (there is the Calendar Settings menu under the Settings menu of the integrated applications). "Use Calendar integration in this application" option should be checked.

Example applications using calendar integration; Meetings, tasks, calls, visits, support registration, visits .

You can add records for applications that use integration by saying "Add New" in the Calendar application.

To follow the records; You can use Calendar, Timeline, Agenda views and use them daily, weekly, monthly.

Note: If you are using the automatic scheduling feature in the Tasks application, you can follow the predicted working times for the tasks you have assigned on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


You can change the pagination style of records from the grouping area.
In the first option, the application of the registration is indicated with the icon at the beginning of the registration name.
In the second option, application names are listed on the left and records are displayed on that line.
In the third option, the application names are listed at the top and the records are shown in that column.

You can reach the setting page by clicking the icon on the top right. From this page, you can set the application color, set the display time interval for the calendar, and display the calendared records of passive users if you wish.

Note: You can use the "Add to Calendar" feature in this application to show the records using the calendar integration on the calendar (you can access it from the Settings - Calendar settings menu of the relevant application).


You can mark the application records that you want to be shown on the calendar from the field on the left of the application entry. The applications listed under the Applications heading are the applications that you use the use calendar integration feature.

You can list the entries in the calendar by user type, by the contact person of the record, and by the interest of the contact.