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Callcenter - Home Screen And Settings


General Settings

You can set call waiting status on and off by default. You can also choose from this menu that you can open incoming calls from pop-up or new tab.


You can view the extensions and activity status of your personnel. You can select your personnel who will conduct the interviews from the Add New button and enter their information.

Key Components

You can add a record to your donation details through the applications you have marked. In the basic components, you can enter the application information you want to see when a call comes in.

Connection Settings

You can mark the applications that you want to associate with the donation record.


In cases where a call is received by a registered person from your call center, the caller's information is opened. Seeing who the customer is and their transactions will also help you establish a smoother communication.

Open Calls: You can review your open call records. You can add a new call record. When adding a call record, you can write the name and number and select it if it is in your CRM records, or you can add it if it is a person who is not in your records.

You can detail your call by entering the relevant call log and entering information such as time, contact, contact person and reason for the call.

Search Calendar

You can review your own records or the collective records of all customer representatives on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


You can examine all call records of your customers or representatives in detail on the dates you are interested in. You can list the records by clicking the cells in the table.