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Campaigns - Login Screen And Information

Campaigns are listed as active and passive campaigns.


Campaign Editing:

To edit a campaign, click on the campaign.

General Information: The title and slogan can be edited in Turkish and English in the general information section of the campaign detail screen. Keyword can be entered. Campaign type is selected.

The control type is chosen as either quantitative or quantitative. Campaign start and end dates are set. Sequence number is entered.

Use feature can be selected in the offers or orders application. Use on websites feature can be enabled.

Description can be written. If you want to add a picture, the file can be selected and uploaded.

Advanced Features: The campaign type is displayed. Discount type is selected as percentage or amount. The discount percentage or amount is entered in the form field at the bottom.

The minimum amount to be discounted and the maximum amount to be discounted are entered. Currency is selected.

It can be arranged by increasing or decreasing the usage right per customer.

Campaign Coupons: Title, coupon code, activity status, customer using, date used are listed.

It can be loaded with Excel from the top toolbar. From the filter button on the right of the search bar, the sorting criteria can be sorted according to the title, the last added on the top, the last changed on the top, and the row number criteria. It is also possible to sort by active or used records.

Products in the Campaign: Listed with product category, product name, product code information. Product group, product category and product can be added from the top toolbar.

Target Audience: The target audience can be selected as customers or business partners.

Parameters: Defined parameters can be edited. Detailed information about this is explained in the settings section.

Applied Orders: The orders to which the relevant campaign is applied are listed. The type of offer to be displayed in the list in the columns section of the top toolbar,

information such as supplier can be added.




-Filtering: Filtering options can be opened from the filtering button to the right of the search button. Filtering can be done by date range, source and channel, payment method, payment status, reference code. Filtering can also be provided by customer representative, sales representative, urgency, delivery type. Filtering by group and category, brand, product and customer can also be performed. It is also possible to filter by product parameter type, product parameter, product parameter options, parameters and options, customer group and category. Filtering can also be provided by order status, shipping company, transfer status, extra information, payment amount.

Sorting can be done by order date, posting date, delivery date and stage. It can be arranged as descending or ascending. It can be saved as Excel.

Connections: The applications that can be connected are displayed. From the Settings menu, go to the Connection Settings page and select applications.

Principal Components: Associated principal components are displayed.