Adding Cash Definition and Transaction Entry - Documentation
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Cash - Adding Cash Definition and Transaction Entry

Adding a Vault Definition

Go to Settings – Safe Definitions menu and click on Add New Safe.

On the page that opens; The registration is completed by entering the name of the safe, the accounting code, currency, opening balance and sequence number if desired (it refers to the sequence number you want to include when listing the safes).

NOTE: If the separate definition by branches feature is active, you must select the branch, and if the main cash register is without branch, you must select the option.

Adding a New Transaction

You can complete the registration process by filling in the required fields from the page that opens when the Add New Transaction field is clicked on the page that opens when you click on the safe you want to trade from the safe list.

Transfer: You can enter the transactions carried out within the company by saying Remittance. You can select the place to transfer the money from the target field. E.g; another safe, bank account, check safe, advance account. You can complete the registration by entering the necessary information.

You can list your transactions for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly periods or you can access all your transactions. You can make use of the search field, come to the filter field, select the transaction criteria you want to list, make a list, and save your cash transactions as excel.