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Current Accounts - Settings


General Settings

Use Account Categories: If you want to categorize your current accounts, you can use this feature. You can add definitions from the Account Category menu.

Use Transaction Categories: You can use this feature if you want to specify a transaction category in the transaction entry (cash, bank, etc.). You can add definitions from the Motion Category Definitions menu.

Use Simple Current Account Mode: If you want to follow your current accounts based on balance (if you do not want to follow the movements), you must activate it. While the feature is active, you can only access the debit/credit balance information of the accounts. No details are shown.

Add Company Code as Current Code: The current application works integrated with the customers application, so current account registration cannot be opened without customer registration. When the customer is registered, the company code is created. It ensures that this code is assigned as the current code when the current account is opened.

Use Reference Codes: You can benefit from reference codes in your transactions.

E.g; G: Official Transactions GY: You can use it to enter informal transactions. You can use the Reference Codes menu to define the reference code.

Default Current Status: You can choose the default status when registering the current account. Recordings are made with the selected status selected.

Use Meta Data in Current Accounts: You can use the meta data feature to enter metadata for current account cards. From the Default Metadata Definitions menu, you can add definitions for current accounts and current transaction, make it mandatory to fill in and send it in the list.

E.g; For current accounts: Tenant, owner definition; For Current Transactions: You can add definitions such as Apartment No.

Use Risk Management: If you are using the Risk Management application, you can activate this feature and access your customer's risk management information from the current account detail Current Account Information menu.

Use VAT Information on Document: Allows manual entry of VAT information during payment entry (by selecting income/expense) or during invoice registration.

It is used to eliminate the difference that may arise in the VAT calculation due to the difference in the number of digits used in the display or the fractional rounding with the companies you work with.

Define accounts separately according to branches: You can use this feature if you use branch definitions and want to follow up your current accounts according to branches. The current account details indicate which branch customer the current account is. Branches and current accounts linked to branches are listed in the Branch Current Accounts menu on the application login screen.

Show proforma in list: If you are using proforma invoice, you can show prepared proforma on current account detail and list page. Proformas do not affect the balance. It is used for tracking only. You should mark at which stage you want the proforma to be displayed.

Use e-mail sending feature: You can use this feature to remind your customers of their current account balances and to inform your customers. From the E-mail Form Settings menu, the e-mail account to be sent and the mail template to be sent are selected and the sending status is activated. The tags that can be used while preparing the mail template are listed.

The definition of the e-mail address to be sent is made from the e-mail accounts application, and the template definition is made from the mail templates application. You can benefit from the documents of the relevant applications.

Use SMS sending feature: You can use this feature to remind your customers of their current account balances and to inform your customers. The sending status is activated by entering the SMS title defined in the SMS Form Settings menu and the SMS text to be sent. Labels that can be used in SMS text are listed.

You can use the Message Basket application documents for SMS account definition.

Use Automatic Document Close: Content is being prepared.

Use Late Compensation: You can apply compensation by specifying the compensation start date and percentage rate for debit and credit entries.

Search in transactions while searching accounts: It provides the opportunity to search according to the transaction code.

Collection Receipt Settings

Show Current Status: You can display the current account status on the collection receipt that you can print in cash transactions.


Use restriction for Movement Record: You can set a movement restriction for the transactions you will add from the current account card. You can prevent the entry of transactions (backward and forward) according to the days you specify.

Automatic Numbering: You can make automatic numbering for your current accounts and transaction codes. You can enter prefix, incremental number and if you wish, suffix from the related menus.

Connection Settings: You can select the applications you want to associate with current accounts, and you can establish a connection between the application records you selected and the current account.

Basic Components: You can add records through the applications you have marked in the current account detail.

E.g; If the calls application is attached, you can enter the call records for collection or you can add a document if the documents application is attached.

Authorized Users: Users authorized to access the application are listed. You can add/remove authorizations for users.