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Entranet Account - General Information

Through this application,


You can track your orders that you have sent to us.


You can track your current account status, review the proforma and invoices created on behalf of your company, and safely pay for your unpaid invoices. You can also list the payments you have made in the past.


A license is assigned for each user you create. Licenses are charged per user and according to the period you specify. On this menu, you can list the licenses according to their stages, reach the expiry dates and the remaining days.


The records of the services provided to you by us are kept in our system. Through this menu, you can access the descriptions of your services according to their phases, their due dates and the remaining days.


If you have a project carried out by us, you can access the description, activity, forum messages by entering the details of the project, and access the start, end and remaining time from the list page.

You can assign your company's financial, administrative and technical responsibles and enter your contact information from the Settings - Responsible Information menu.