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E-Payment - Application Information And Usage

With the e-collection application, you can receive card payments from your customers in the amounts you specify. For this, you need to have virtual pos.

After adding a current account for the customer you want to receive payment from, you need to create a record by entering the amount you want to receive. Payment is taken through the payment link that occurs when the registration is created.


General Settings

Select Website: The website from which payment will be taken is selected.

E-mail Settings: The e-mail account to which the payment link will be sent is selected.

E-mail Template: Select the e-mail template you want to send to your customer.

* You can find information about creating a template in the Mail Templates document.

E-mail Form Settings: You can send a receipt to your customers at the end of the payment. For this, you must select the account to be sent and the mail template to be sent. You can add copy and blind copy recipients if you wish. You can use the following tags when creating a mail template.

Authorized Users: Users authorized to access the application are listed. You can add/remove authorizations for users.


Login screen

Current Account: In order to receive payment, you must add the customer's current account. The customer you will add must be registered in the Current application. By clicking Add new, current selection is made. If you wish, you can choose the e-mail address of the company responsible and the customer for e-mail sending. You can complete the registration by entering the amount, maximum number of installments and date information.

When you click on the current account, you can see the payment orders you have sent from the payment orders menu on the e-collection current account card, and you can create a new payment order by adding new. From the current transactions menu, you can see all the records you keep with the relevant company in the current application and go to the current account.


Payment Orders: You can list the payment orders you have sent. Current name, current code, due date, explanation if any, payment status, e-mail sending status and amounts are shown in the list.

If you wish, you can benefit from daily, weekly, monthly, yearly periods. By clicking on the filter icon in the upper right, you can list and change the order according to the payment status.

Prepayments: You can access the incoming payment records before the payment order is sent.

Payments: You can access the list of realized payments.