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iPara - Application Information

If you are using iMoney Virtual POS, you can track your payments after installation on your website.

Go to Settings - Account Definitions and say Add New Account.

Business Number, Public Key, Private Key, Return Address information should be entered via the Account Settings menu on the left after the Account Name, currency, information, sequence number and keyword entry if you wish.

If you are going to start receiving payments, you should get Real mode from the Mode section.

If the separate definition by branches feature is active, you will be prompted to select a branch.

For the term interest definitions you will apply, you must enter the interest rates in front of the number of installments from the Installment Options menu.

The accounts you define in the iMoney Accounts menu are listed with their last transaction and balance information. You can access daily transactions or all records by clicking on the account definition you want.

If the separate definition by branches feature is active, your accounts are listed on a branch basis.

iMoney Transactions

Completed Transactions: You can access incoming payments with customer name and date-time information. You can also access the order number information by entering the payment details.

Failed Processes: You can access erroneous and failed transactions with customer name and date-time information. The reason why the payment failed will also be listed under the error message column.


General Settings

Define accounts separately according to branches: It provides the opportunity to define your iMoney accounts according to branches.

Basic Components: You can add records through the applications you mark.

E.g; You can add a document if the documents application is attached, or you can add a note if the notes application is attached.

Account Definitions: Account definitions are added field. Information on the subject is given at the introduction of the document.

Authorized Users: Users authorized to access the application are listed. You can add/remove authorizations for users.