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Lists - General Information And Settings

With the Lists application, you can create predefined, fixed and dynamic lists, and you can benefit from these lists that you create while adding recipients in applications such as Bulk Mail and Bulk Sms.


Applications: Under this menu, the application type for which you can create a list is displayed, and when you click on the application name, the lists you have created according to all list types are displayed.

List Types

Predefined List: White, Gray and Black Lists are predefined. You can add your customers by entering the list according to the criteria you set and clicking the Add New Item button.

Note: Customers added to the Black List are not sent in bulk mail and sms messages, even if they are added to the recipient list. Customers who click on the "I want to unsubscribe" link in the mail/sms you send are automatically added to this list.

Fixed Lists: You can create lists according to the criteria you specify.

E.g; For customers with payment problems, you can create a list titled "Customers with Payment Problems" and add your customers.

Dynamic Lists: There is no need to add customers manually while creating a dynamic list. Items are drawn dynamically with filters or SQL query.

E.g; Persons who are members of your website agree to send notification e-mails and sms to their parties. With the help of SQL query, you can have these people automatically added to the list.


General Settings

You can also create sublists for the list you created by checking the Use Sublist Feature feature.

E.g; You can create sub-lists such as "People Who Haven't Made Payments in the Last Month, Those Who Haven't Made Payments in the Last Three Months" in the list named "Customers with Payment Problems".

Basic Components: You can add the applications that you want to create a record in the list detail.

E.g; If you want to add notes about the list, you must add the Notes application from Basic Components.

Authorized Users: You can list the personnel authorized to access the application, add and remove authorizations.