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Mass Mail - Settings

With the bulk e-mail application, you can send bulk e-mails to the customers in the lists you have created and to the recipients you choose.

You can also create periodic mailing lists if you wish.


E-mail Accounts: This is the field where you define the e-mail accounts you want to use for bulk e-mailing. When you click the Add New Account button, you can complete the registration by entering the necessary information.

Sending Settings

This area is available to prevent e-mails from spamming in bulk mailing.

Number of Sends: For example, there are 100 recipients for the bulk e-mail you have prepared. When you click on the send button, it can send it to 5-10 recipients randomly, or it can be sent to 3 recipients by specifying the amount.

Sending Period: It refers to the waiting period for the next number of recipients to send the e-mail after the number of sendings you have specified is completed. For example, after it is sent to 3 recipients, it waits for 5 seconds and then sends to the next 3 recipients.

Add Random Article to Topic: Content is being prepared.

E-mail Blacklist: You can manage the addresses that do not want to receive e-mail or that you do not want to send e-mail from here. Although the addresses added here are included in the recipient list, e-mails are not sent.

Parameters: You can add qualitative/quantitative definitions for your bulk e-mails. E.g; By adding the e-mail reason parameter, you can define your reasons and specify them in the bulk e-mail details. This information is not included in the e-mail sent.

Authorized Users: It can list the users who are authorized to access the application. You can authorize/remove.