General Information And Settings - Documentation
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Mass SMS - General Information And Settings

In order to use the Bulk SMS application, you must apply from the SMS menu of the Message Basket application. Your application will go to our administration panel.

In order for the application to be approved, you must provide us with your SMS Service provider, your username, password and the originator information found in your SMS provider.

The SMS service providers we are currently working with: Fırat Telekom, Ekomesaj, Codec Telekom, Mutlucell, SMS Vitrini, Ikim Merkezi, Verimor.


Template: You can create ready-made texts for the sms you will send.

SMS Blacklist: You can add recipients that you do not want to send or do not want to receive SMS. Even if the numbers listed here are on the sending list, no SMS will be sent to them.

Authorized Users: Users authorized to access the application are listed. You can add/remove authorizations for users.