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Message Box - Settings and Usage

With the Message Box application, you can provide internal communication. The recipients of your messages must be user-defined personnel.

In the All Messages menu, all incoming and outgoing,
You can receive your incoming messages from the Incoming Messages menu.
You can send your outgoing messages from the Outgoing Messages menu.
You can list your deleted messages from the Trash menu.

You can add folders to easily manage your messages and move your messages to the relevant folders.


You can reach the settings page by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the application login screen.
You can create folder definition and recipient lists on this screen.


When you click on the New Message button, you can add the message title, description and, if you wish, a file on the page that opens. You can add a message recipient or recipients from the "to" field on the left. You can add recipient(s) manually or send a message to the list members you have created.

When you enter the message details, you can add a new contact to the existing message by clicking the icon next to the sender and receiver names.
You can move the message from the upper band, mark read/unread/starred/unstarred.
You can list your messages by filtering by folder, contacts, date range, sorting and status options by opening the filtering area at the top right.