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Orders - Other Settings

Language options

Multi-Language Support Feature: If you want to use more than one language on your website, you can tick this option and choose the languages that appear below. You can choose which language your website is set to from the Default language section.

Order Source Definitions

You can define the source of each of the defined order types such as websites, marketplace, live support, social media. For example, trial.com could be the source of the website.

You can define as many stages as you want by coming to the Stage Definitions menu. After saying Add a New Stage, the name of the stage, if any, its description and sequence number are entered and the registration is done. After the registration, the Stage Definition Editing field will appear. Here you can set the color of the stage and the user privileges.

Packaging Shapes

You can define packaging shapes according to the structure of your products.

Delivery Types

You can add your delivery methods, which will also be used on the website. For example, while cargo is a form of delivery, receiving from the store can also be added as a form of delivery.

Delivery Locations

Similar to delivery methods, you can also define delivery locations.

Payment method

You can define separate payment methods for orders and express orders.

Discount Settings

With the use product discounts feature, it ensures that the discounts defined for your products from the products application are valid for orders.

With the use discounts for customers feature, it ensures that the discounts you have defined for your customers from the customers application are valid for orders.

With the Use partner discounts feature, it ensures that the discounts defined from the partners application are valid on the orders.

With the use additive discount feature, it provides the application of the sum of the discounts to the order amount (such as 50% + 20% = 70%). If the attribute is not selected, the discounts are applied one after the other (like 50% -> 20% = 60%)

Mail Form Settings

It is the menu where you view the template you have prepared from the Mail Templates application. You can update the activity status. It will be useful to set up mail forms according to your order stages.


You can add the features you want to add to your orders with the help of parameters. The data type must be selected when performing the Add New Parameter operation. Your data can hold single-line data, as well as checkbox or multiple choice.

Connection Settings

You can mark the applications that you want to associate with the donation record.

Key Components

You can add a record to your donation details through the applications you have marked.

User Restrictions

You can choose which user can use the ability to add orders, edit orders, and edit order items.

Excel Templates

When giving a single to any company or business partner, it can be done by adding all the products and the discount amounts to be made to them. Before creating the templates, you should review the Template guide and upload a file similar to the sample template.

Authorized Users

Users who are authorized to access the application are listed. You can add/remove authorizations for users.