Organization Chart Definition - Documentation
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Organisation - Organization Chart Definition

On the application login screen, you must enter the companies menu and make a Company Definition.

When you click the Add New Company button, the General Information page that you need to fill will open. Here you can enter your information, set the default currency, upload your company logo and specify your priority company.
*When the priority company is marked, if you do not use it according to the companies in the applications, a record will be opened on the name of the company you specify. When you fill in the fields on the general information page and click save, new fields will be opened in the left menu.

Departments: By clicking on the menu, a new department can be added from the field opened on the left.
You can also add sub-departments to the department you have created. When you click on the name of the department you have created, you can define your position from the page that opens on the right. While specifying the position title, you can make use of the records you have created in the Settings-Position Definitions menu (Use predefined position) or you can define the position title manually.
Education level field also works from Settings-Education Levels definitions.

After the position definition is made, the first manager of the position can be selected from the left menu, responsibilities can be defined and the personnel assigned to the position can be listed. If you wish, you can delete the position definition you have defined.

Personnel: By clicking on the names of the departments you have defined, you can list the names, positions and employment dates of the personnel in that department. You can access the personnel card by clicking the arrow icon next to the personnel name.

Branches: If you are using branch separation (Branch definitions are made from the Branches application).

Structure Chart: You can access your organization chart, which is formed according to the department, sub-department and positions you have defined.