Add Records and Operations - Documentation
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Personnels - Add Records and Operations

You need to go to the Active Personnel menu at the application entrance and click on the Add New Personnel button. Click it and you will be asked basic questions about the staff. (Personal Information) Such as name, surname, ID number. After filling this information and saying save, new menus will open on the left. You can fill in the company, contact, family, identity and inventory information through these menus. If you use parameter definition, you can edit the parameters and benefit from the basic components.

Note: In order for the personnel you added to be listed in the active personnel; After filling in the information you want, you need to perform the Recruitment process from the Personnel Operations menu.

Personnel Operations: This menu is available on the personnel card.

Recruitment: You can perform the process by specifying the company, department, position and employment date.

Leaving the Job: You can perform the operation by specifying the date of departure of your personnel.

Promotion-Assignment: You can perform the operation by specifying the promotion and assignment date.

If you entered the transaction date incorrectly, you can edit the record by marking the "For correction" field.