Login Screen And Add Policy - Documentation
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Policies - Login Screen And Add Policy

On the application login screen, there are Open Policies (the phases you defined in the bottom breakdown will come.), Closed Policies, Canceled Policies, All Policies, Basic Components and Settings menus.

You can list the policies according to the relevant stage and open/closed status.

Open Policies: Closed and non-cancellable policies are listed.

Closed Policies: Closed policies are listed

Cancelled Policies: Canceled policies are listed.

All Policies: All open, closed and canceled policies are listed.

* You can close the policy, cancel it, and delete the policy from the left menu, by going to the policy detail, from the Operations menu.

From the Basic Components menu, you can list the records you have added from the basic components menu of all policies.

When you click on any title under the Policies menu, you should say Add New Policy from the page that opens. In the detail page that opens, insurance type, insurance company, agency, insurance category, coverage draft, policy number, issue date, start and end dates, and phases information are asked. The first stage of the registration will be completed when the required fields are filled and the save button is clicked.

After this step, new menus will open on the left. You can edit the information you enter from the general information menu, enter the premium information, change the coverage text, add a parameter definition if you want to use parameters (you can also use the parameters for filtering by entering the qualitative/quantitative features that you think will be useful in separating the policies) and add records to the basic components.

You can close the policy, cancel it and save it as a PDF from the Transactions button in the policy summary. You can delete the policy registration from the left menu.

From the page where the policies are listed (open, closed, canceled), you can list the policies according to daily, weekly, monthly, yearly periods and select the sorting criteria.

You can list the policies according to the specific date range, categories and customer representatives by making use of the filter field in the upper right and save them as excel.