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Reminders - General Information

With this application, you can create a reminder record for a specific day and date. While creating the record, you can use the description field if you wish. When the date and time you specify comes, a popup will appear on your screen with the description field.

Current Reminders: Records that have a reminder date, postponed and not marked as read are listed.

Past Reminders: Past reminders and reminders you have read are listed.

Future Reminders: Post-dated records that have not been reminded are listed.

You can add more than one staff member for the same record when adding a reminder. A reminder popup will appear on the screen of all added personnel at the reminder date and time.

You can also use the Reminders application in other applications. You need to add reminders to the basic components of the application you want to use. E.g; We have added the meetings application to the core components. We can add a reminder for the meeting recording from the basic components area by entering it in the meeting detail. The meeting topic will be automatically added to the reminder description field. While listing your records, we can get help from the filter field at the top right.