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Representatives - Application Information

By using the customer representatives application, you can appoint your customers' representatives, and you can track which customer is responsible for which of your personnel.

Customer Representatives: Personnel assigned as customer representatives are listed on this page. You can add a new representative among your personnel by clicking the Add New Customer Representative button. You can access the list of assigned customers and go to customer details by clicking on the representative you have added. By clicking the Add New Customer button, you can assign a new customer for the agent by making a single/multiple selection from the customer list.

You can assign the code for the assignment from the General Information menu.

You can add records according to the applications you use from the Basic Components menu.

For example, if using the Forum application, you can add a new forum message by clicking the forum application.

You can delete the customer representative record.

NOTE: You can also assign a representative via the Customer Card (company/person) detail Customer Representatives menu.

Non-Assigned Customers: Customers that have not been assigned an agent are listed. You can select a representative via the Customer Representative menu by going to the customer card from the arrow sign. At the same time, by opening the Customer Representative card, you can assign the relevant company to the representative.


A customer is assigned to an agent: A customer can have more than one agent, or you may want to assign one agent to a customer. When you use this feature, if the customer is associated with a representative, it will be ensured that other representatives do not appear in the list when assigning customers.

Show partners in the list: Ensures that partners are not listed when assigning customers to agents and in the list of unassigned customers.

Basic Components: You can add registration through the applications you have marked on the agent card.

E.g; You can add a document if the documents application is attached, or you can add a note if the notes application is attached.

Authorized Users: Users authorized to access the application are listed. You can add/remove authorizations for users.