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Tickets - Add New Support Record And Analysis

Open Enrollments

It is the menu that you can enter or, if you have a Web Site, you can view the records that will come from there. If you have defined your stages, you can list your records according to these stages. Information such as registration description, responsible and registration requester information of each support record is kept.

Filtering can be done according to many features that you have defined in the settings. E.g; You can filter by customer representative or by features such as contract information.

When adding a new record, records are created by selecting which customer, its source and importance level and entering a description.

In the relevant Support Record:

You can define the contact persons when they are entered in the support record. You can open task related to registration, add connection and parameters. You can make your recording more understandable by using basic components. E.g; If you want to add an image to your record, you can add it in the add document section from the document menu of the basic components. You can examine which users did what about your registration from the log records.


If you are using a contract with your customers, you can review the contract status from this menu. When you enter the relevant contract information, you can examine the periods in which it is used, the fee information and general features. In the contract summary, you can see the last time the payment was made.


Contract-Free Activity Analysis: You can view how long you have done business with your customers who do not have a contract.

Income Analysis: According to the packages you have defined, you can examine how much money your customers have to pay monthly and annually, and you can get aggregated reports.

Contractual Situation Analysis: The working rates of how many transactions your customers with contracts and packages have made according to their package are displayed.


Customers: You can review the aggregate information of your customers' open and closed records. You can view how many records open records have at each stage. You can filter by customer representative, customer status and contract information from the filtering process.

User Statistics: You can review the report of how many open and closed records your users have, and at what stage the open registrations are.

Customer Representatives: If you are using the customer representative feature, you can view how many open and closed records each agent has and at what stage their open records are.