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Forms When the stage and delay feature is not used, your forms are sent in 3 cases as Open, Closed and Canceled forms. You can list the forms according to these situations. When the phase and delay feature is used, the defined phases will be listed under the open forms menu. Forms that are overdue according to the delay time you specify will also be listed in the Overdue Forms menu.

Form List: Allows you to list incoming forms separately according to Web Form Definitions. If you have more than one website, form definitions are listed under the site title.

Statistics User Statistics: It works according to the related people added to the forms. You can track how many forms are open, closed and at what stage in the follow-up of users from this area.

Tracking Forms

Filled forms will automatically land on the open forms page. According to the arrangements mentioned in the settings, the listing will be made according to the fields you want to see in the list. If you use the stage feature by going to the detail of the form, you can change the stage, and you can create task, opportunity and deck records related to the form by using the action button. You can add the responsible and relevant persons of the form from the related persons menu, and you can access other forms that the customer has filled in from the other forms menu. If you wish, you can delete the form from the left menu.

Cancellation and Closing of the Form: You can mark the form you want to process from the list page and cancel and close the form from the actions menu that opens in the top menu. When you click on the relevant transaction, you can specify the cancellation/closing date and the reason for the cancellation/closure and add a note.

By clicking the icon in the upper right, you can filter according to the given fields and save your forms as excel.