Add Form Definition - Documentation
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Workflow - Add Form Definition

Go to Settings- Form Definitions screen and click Add New Form Definition.
On the page that opens;
General Information: Form Name, keyword, category definition and duplicate recipients, if desired, are entered.

Categories: You can define to follow your forms according to categories. You can assign categories from the form detail general information from the Form Definitions menu.

If you want the Form Definition to be used, do not mark its status as active.
If you want to use personnel and/or company selection in the form, you must tick the use boxes.
You can specify the fields and width definition you want to be displayed on the print page.
You can assign a sequence number, enter a description and use the "I have read and understood" field.

* Question Groups, Table Definitions and Field Definitions will be explained on the image.

Question Groups can be considered as the top heading, table definitions as subtitles and field definitions as questions to be answered.

Question Groups: After entering the group name, you can complete the registration, assign a sequence number, and make use of the "Show group title on the form" feature and display the title information in the resulting form.

Table Definitions: You can think of it as a sub-heading created for question groups. This is the area where you will create a title for the questions you want answered. You can specify how many field definitions (questions) you are considering for the table, specify the number of rows and columns and specify a name for each, and show these headings in the form.

You can show the field titles you entered for the table in the form and use table borders.
You can set the table width and column widths in px and percentage format.

Field Definitions: Refers to the fields you want answered in the form.

When you say Add New Field, you can enter and edit the group, category, answer type (text, multiple choice, etc.), obligation to fill, order, explanation, display in the list for the record you will create.
You can also adjust the currency settings if the feature, placement, and type of currency is selected.

Related Persons: Persons who will take part in the form approval process are added to the contact persons field of the form. The persons defined here, when the relevant form is filled, are included in the relevant persons of the automatically created form.

Form Cloning: If you want to copy the form definition you have created or move the form to a different intranet, you can use the cloning and form portable package processes.

Approval Process Settings: This is the menu where the mechanisms by which the form should be approved and the options required for approval are set.

Approval Limit Settings: This is the field where the minimum and maximum amounts for the fields in which the currency is in question are specified and which approval mechanism should be approved.

Current Stages: You can define which stages the form will go through. The unselected stage does not appear in the stage change in the form detail.

Restricting Field Editing: You can specify at which stages field definitions can be edited. Selected fields are closed for editing for that stage.

Authorized Users: You can specify the users you will allow access to the relevant form here.