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Vehicles - Application Login Screen

Active Vehicles

All Vehicles: Your vehicles in all states are listed.

Rental: All your rental vehicles are listed.

Transfer: All your vehicles in the transfer phase are listed.

Usage: Vehicles filled in the Blank Vehicle Form (BAF) are listed.

Service – Maintenance: Vehicles in service are listed.

Washing: Vehicles in washing are listed.

Out of Use: Vehicles not suitable for use are listed.

Idle: Vehicles available for use are listed.

Blank Vehicle Forms (ECV): You can create blank vehicle forms by defining their usage purpose. ECV filled vehicle cannot be rented.

E.g; You can create a form for the vehicle you have given to your personnel for private use or for the vehicle with the driver for station change.

The vehicle will not be eligible for rental until the form is closed.

Open ECV: Open blank vehicle forms are listed.

Closed ECV: Closed empty vehicle forms are listed. When the ECV is closed, it is included in the car rental process.

Groups & Categories: If you are using the group & category feature, you can define them through this menu.

Vehicle Management

Vehicle Types: You must make definitions to use in the vehicle reservation process.

E.g; You can define the Hyundai i20 model as a type. You can have more than one vehicle description in this model. It helps you to rent a Hyundai i20 model vehicle that is idle on the reservation date, as there is no vehicle/plate based reservation when making a car reservation from the website or office.

Vehicle Status Chart: It shows the vehicles that are on a day-based rental. You can track the hours between which the vehicle is rented.

Parking lots: The number of vehicles in the parking lots is listed. By clicking on the relevant car park, you can access the information about which car is in that car park.

Drivers: You can reach the number of vehicles defined for the driver.

Vehicle Wash: You can access the list of vehicles that need washing. You can create an empty vehicle form for the vehicle you send to the wash and ensure that it is not included in the rental process until you return from the wash.

Inactive Vehicles: You can access the list of disabled vehicles whose vehicle status is not marked as active. Passive vehicles are not included in the rental process.

Deleted Vehicles: You can access the list of your deleted vehicles.

Vehicle Sales

You can list the vehicles you have sold or sold.

On Sale: The vehicles you have put up for sale are listed.

Sold: Sold vehicles are listed.


Policies: You can access the availability of policies for vehicles and the validity periods of existing policies.

Vehicle Inspection: You can access vehicle inspection dates and remaining days.

Periodic Maintenance: You can access the last km counters of the vehicles, the km information they need to reach for periodic maintenance and the remaining km information for periodic maintenance.