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General Settings

Define banks separately by branches: If you use the Branches application and follow your company by branches, it also provides the opportunity to define your bank accounts according to branches.

Use the Transfer from Bank Accounts feature: Banks with integration allow you to import your transactions from the bank. With this feature, you will not need to enter a manual transaction.

Use personnel connection with account types: You can establish personnel connection for Bank Definitions and access which personnel is responsible for account follow-up.

Make current account or income/expense selection mandatory when adding a transaction: If you wish, you can make a current account selection or income/expense selection mandatory in the transaction entry.

Default Transaction Type: You are required to select the transaction type in the transaction entry. You can set the default transaction type here.

Basic Components: You can add records through the applications you have marked in the transaction detail.

E.g; You can add notes for action using the Notes app. Other users will also be able to access the note.

Bank Definitions: You can perform the bank definitions you work with here. You can assign a sequence number after entering the name by saying Add New Bank. If you are going to use the bank transfer feature, you must enter the specified information.

Account Types: You can define account types for bank account and credit cards.

E.g; term, such as current.

Account Definitions: Transactions are added through account definitions. After defining the bank account and account types, registration is done. If you are using a branched structure by clicking Add New Account, you can select a branch, complete the registration after entering the account type, bank, account name, currency, opening balance and account details if you wish.

Authorized Users: Users authorized to access the application are listed. You can add/remove authorizations for users.