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Workflow - Settings

General Settings

Manage Notifications: If this feature is active, the “Notification Settings” menu will be located in the Settings menu. You can mark the options to receive notifications via intranet notification and mail notification for the definitions specified through the Notification Settings menu.

Separate the application according to my companies: If you have more than one company definition in your intranet, you can use the application by separating it according to the companies. If it is not active, you can select the default company and ensure that the records are registered with the relevant company.

Use Stage Feature: You can use stages for the management of your workflow forms and make user-based authorizations for stages.

Use State Feature: It is used with the stage feature. You can make status definitions for each stage you define. You can make personnel-based authorization for situations as well as at stages.

Select Current Stage in Form Definitions: Enables valid stages to be marked from the form definition detail. Stages that are not selected from the Current Stages menu in the form detail will not be available for that form. E.g; We have Pending, In Process, Pending Approval, Approved phase definitions. For Purchase Requisition Forms, which are created when the "In Progress" stage is not selected from the valid stages menu, the transition to the Processing stage cannot be performed for the Purchase Requisition Forms. This stage is not used for purchase requisition forms.

Restrict Editing Form Fields: When this feature is activated, Restrict Editing Fields will appear in the form definition detail. There is an editing restriction for the field definitions in the form. It should be marked at which stages it is desired that no editing be done for the field definitions.

Use Approval Mechanism: If you prefer the completed forms to go through the approval process for processing, you must use this feature. You can define approval authorization for a single user, or you can grant approval authorization to all users. If consent authorization is given for all users, the consent of any user may be sufficient for the form to be approved, or it may be necessary for all users to give consent separately.

Use Form Based Approval Mechanism: Defined Approval Mechanisms may not be applicable to all forms. By using a form-based approval mechanism, you can determine which form definitions should go through which approval mechanisms.

E.g; If General Manager Approval is not required for purchase request forms, you should not tick the relevant authorization mechanism in the form detail Approval Process Settings menu.

Use Approval Mechanism Limit: You can define form limits according to the approval mechanism.

E.g ; While the approval of Financial Affairs is sufficient for expenditures up to 5000 TL, the General Manager's approval may be required for expenditures of 5000 TL or more. You can make the necessary adjustments from the Form Detail Approval Limit Settings menu.

Use mail sending feature: You can use this feature to notify the form contacts about the phase change, closing and rejection of the forms. When this feature is activated, Mail Form Settings will appear in the Settings area. From the Mail Form Settings menu, you can select the account to which the mail will be sent and the text you want to send (via the created mail templates). The tags you can use when creating the mail template (text to send) are also specified.

Attach Documents to E-Mail: Content is being prepared.

Automatically Send Confirmation Email: Content is being prepared.

Show the number of forum posts in the list: Allows the number of forum posts attached to the forms to be sent on the list page.


Stage Definitions: You can use the stage feature for tracking and management of forms. You can define user authorizations for each stage, use a stage-specific approval process and benefit from stage options.

Status Definitions: Used with the phase feature and allows status to be defined for each phase definition. As with stage definitions, you can also authorize status definitions on a user basis.

Approval Mechanism Definitions: You must define the person/department you want the forms to be approved on, on this screen.

Mail Form Settings: Explained under the heading "Use mail sending feature".

Basic Components: You need to mark the applications you want to benefit from in the form detail.
E.g; When the Documents application is checked, you can add documents in the form detail.

Automatic Numbering: Instead of performing manual number assignment for your forms, this feature allows you to automatically assign numbers to the forms according to the prefix, incremental number and if you wish, the suffix you specify by using this feature.

Authorized Users: You can list and edit the users who are authorized to access the application.