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Leaves - General Settings

General Settings
Separate the application according to my companies: If you have more than one company definition and you want to use the personnel leave application on a company basis, you must activate this feature. When the feature is turned on, the company selection will appear on the application login screen.

If this feature is not active, you should choose the default company. All records will be saved for the default company.

Use Phase Feature: You can define phase for leave forms.

E.g; Leave forms may be in the draft or may be in the pending phase of confirmation. You can make your follow-up easier by using phase definitions. You can give leaves to users for each phase. Authorizations are shown in the screenshot.

Use State Feature: If the phase feature is used, the state feature can be used as well. You can make status definitions for each phase you define, and you can give authorization to users for each situation, just like in phases.

Confirmation Method

Use Confirmation Mechanism: If the phase feature is used, the Confirmation methods are activated. You can use this method if there is a procedure for formalization of the leave form and if it passes various confirmation.

In case there is more than one user (confirmation giver) in an confirmation step, for each confirmation step;

Authorize Single User (granting consent): Indicates granting authorization to a single user for the consent form.

Grant authorization to all Users (confirming): It means giving authorization to all users.

Any user's Confirmation is sufficient: It means that any user's confirmation is sufficient for the confirming of the consent form at the phase of the operation.
All users need to Confirm separately: It means that all users must confirm in order to approve the consent form at the operation phase.

Use Annual Leave Planner: When this feature is activated, the Annual Leave Planner field will be located on the left main menu. On this screen, you can see which personnel will be on leave between which dates. You can avoid permission conflicts for personnel in similar positions. You can add records from the Operation -Add Annual Leave Plan menu.

Close Editing of Annual Leave Plan: When the personnel name is clicked on the relevant menu, the records entered from the planner are listed and edited.

Edit Annual Leave Periods: Allows updating annual leave periods. If the feature is active, you can edit the remaining leave days of the personnel on the Operations - Update - Annual Leave Period screen.

Calculate Annual Leaves automatically: It allows the annual leave amount to be calculated and updated automatically when the Annual Leave of the personnel comes. If the feature is not active, you should click Regenerate Progress Payments from the Transactions-Group Operations-Recalculation Operations field.

Use different phases, statuses and authorizations for each company: Allows defining and authorizing different phases and statuses for each company.

Use e-mail sending feature: Allows sending e-mail to inform the department responsible.

Leave Start Year: In this field, enter the development start year with the oldest employment date in your growth. Annual leave calculation is made for all personnel on the date entered in this field.

Phase Definitions: You can add phase definitions for consent forms, assign a color for the phase, and edit user privileges. Powers; viewing, closing, canceling, receiving notifications and changing phases.

If your confirmation method (General Settings) is Use Confirmation Mechanism, the Confirmation Process field will be opened in the phase definitions general information area. You can use the confirmation process for any phase you want. If the Use confirmation process for the phase is checked, the Can Confirm field will be opened in the User Authorizations menu. Here you can mark the Confirm processes allowed for the user.

The processes to be passed in order to confirm the permit; It is determined through the Confirmation Mechanism Definitions. You must mark which records you want to authorize for which process.


Phase Confirmation Fields: If you are using the Phase Confirmation Fields (General Settings – Confirmation Method), you must define your field from the Phase Confirmation Fields menu.


Phase changes work according to their authorizations. When defining the Phase Confirmation Area, you are required to choose Phase change. For example; For Administrative Confirmation, the Phase change should be in the form of Drafts-> Confirmation Process. You should give the authority to take the Phase User authorizations to the Confirmation Process for Drafts to the personnel responsible for administrative affairs. When the permission form is taken from the Drafts to the Confirmation Process, Administrative Affairs Confirmation will be given. You can find the name of the confirm, the name of the phase change, the name of the confirm  and the date of the transaction from the permission form detail Phase Confirmation Procedures menu. When the permit becomes official, the information of the confirmations is included in the confirmation field on the permit form printout. 

Working Days: You must mark your official working days. In the leave forms, the number of days off is calculated according to the working days.

Annual Leave Settings: You must define the number of leave days to be earned according to the amount of work (year).

Legally determined numbers; Working Years; The Leave Amount for 1 , 6 ,16 should be 14, 20, 26 respectively.

You can also specify the number of days off for those aged 18 and under and those aged 50 and over.

Other Leaves Definitions: You should define the leave type here. After adding the type title, you can specify pay status, gender, leave duration and the maximum number of days for that leave type.

Official Holidays: You must define the official holidays included in the working calendar year.

The days that coincide with official holidays are indicated in the leave form.

E-mail Form Settings: Content is being prepared.

Basic Components: You can mark the applications you want to use from in the leave form detail.

By clicking the Documents application, for example, you can add the printout of the doctor's report to the sick leave form.

Automatic Numbering: Allows automatic numbering of consent forms according to the prefix, incremental number and suffix you specify.

Authorized Users: You can list the personnel authorized to access the application and add/remove authorizations.