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Ahmet Yesevi Association is an organization with the status of "Association Working for Public Interest", headquartered in Fatih.

About Hayder

Society; It protects the poor, needy, orphans, widows, orphans, people of all ages stranded on the streets, the sick, those stranded away from their homeland, and those stranded at home and abroad. Provides all kinds of in-kind and cash aid. It opens and assists in the opening of nursing homes, shelters, shelters, rehabilitation centers for the disabled and drug addicts, soup kitchens, slaughterhouses, nurseries, guesthouses, places of worship and cultural centers at home and abroad that will contribute to the realization of these aids, or contributes to the operation of those that have been opened. . It establishes and operates tent cities, logistics centers, social purpose stores and facilities. It provides all kinds of in-kind and cash aid to these institutions. It also distributes food to those in need and purchases services related to this.

It works especially to identify the truly poor at home and abroad and creates a unit for this purpose. It creates the poverty map of the country on the basis of neighborhoods and determines the organizations, sister families and individuals that will help the poor. In this context, humanitarian aid, education, culture, etc. at home and abroad. It identifies individuals who have contributed to the promotion of our country and culture on issues. Provides the necessary support.