Vehicle Reservations
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Vehicle Reservations

Vehicle Reservations
Vehicle Reservations
Created Date
13 Ocak 2016
Current Version
Last Update
15 Mayıs 2023

Manage reservation processes. Track everything from the sales representative to the vehicle information of the reservation.

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Reservation Management

Car, Chauffeured Car and Transfer Service Reservation

Record the reservations with vehicle type, station, sales representative, exit-return information, duration, payment method, currency, current exchange value information. Add discounts, additional services.

Suggesting Extras to the Reservation

Increase your income by suggesting to add extras such as additional driver's seat, tire-window-headlight insurance, mini damage insurance.

Reservation Settings

Make price period definitions, payment methods, discount settings. Determine seasonal prices according to vehicle classes. Set the closed dates for reservation.

Listing Reservations

Filter by customers, vehicles, stations, salespeople. List any closed or canceled reservations. See service dumps.

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