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Different Solutions for Your Different Needs with Entranet

Entranet is a comprehensive software platform built with application-based architecture, where you can easily manage all your work from a single point with over 300 practical applications.

Remote Working and Company Management Software
  • Website & Mobile & E-commerce Website & Mobile & E-commerce
  • Operation & ERP Operation & ERP
  • Productivity Productivity
  • Technology Technology

Create your new generation E-commerce sites with marketplace integration, next generation payment systems and digital marketing infrastructures with Entranet.

Build modern websites and mobile applications with little effort through ready-made web objects without the need for coding knowledge.

Corporate site, forum site for your communities, e-commerce sites, product promotion websites, photos, videos, documents are in the content management system.

Access to in-house news, announcements, surveys, birthdays, joiner lists. Manage promotions, assignments. Strengthen internal communication.

Save your deals, offers, contracts. Examine sales statistics, evaluate your key customers, business partners.

Create your marketing plans, manage your budget work. Manage your websites, social media accounts and communication channels.

Technical service forms, warranty tracking, support records; Manage cargo processes, service personnel, service warehouse. Send SMS, mail notifications.

Keep a list of incoming calls. Take notes on the search if necessary. Guarantee that the return to the customer will be made, ensure customer satisfaction.

Manage all your current records, safes and banks. Plan your budget, manage your expenses. Keep track of your debts and receivables. Examine financial reports.

Define warehouses, stock cards, transfer forms, count forms, transactions, shipping orders. Review purchasing, stock level and stock value reports.

Keep personnel information. Manage recruitment, corporate training processes. Save your documents. Examine personnel attendance control records, perform performance management.

Manage all your business processes such as supplier management, purchasing, material planning, production planning, manufacturing, storage, shipping.

See your total sales amount and turnover with multi-branch and cash management. Keep your accounts always up to date and backed up, providing an uninterrupted flow of information.

Create project tasks, assign them to your contacts. Add activities, documents to your projects, share your projects with your customers.

See user behavior with Analytics that analyzes and guides you through your data. Make updates and innovations in your apps.

Communicate with messages, mailboxes, forums, notes, documents, activities, tasks, meetings. Increase your productivity.

Arrange your document groups and categories. Manage your inbound / outbound documents. Analyse your documents. Restrict user access privileges.

Design your accounting, purchasing, human resources, IT business processes with the Entranet. Standardize your work, increase your productivity.

Manage integrations with other software, web hosting, domain names, backups, mail accounts, security and network services.

Use Entranet integrated with business applications such as ERP, CRM, Accounting applications. Also, sell your products anywhere with marketplace integration.

Keep all your data in the cloud. Use your system with low cost and performance by getting as much service as you need with flexible configuration.

Check out the framework, which offers a new generation software infrastructure with its flexible structure and ease of use, on which all applications work.

Try the Ready-to-Use Intranet Platform for All Your Business Needs

Discover Integrated Business Applications


Use the web workshop, publish your e-commerce sites immediately.

Financial Accounting
Financial Accounting

Spend less time on Finance and Accounting, focus on your work.


Design production business processes. Access real-time production reports.


Easily integrate with other business applications and marketplaces.


Review stock level and stock value reports.


Meet the customer-centric CRM

Project Management
Project Management

Use project management for operational success.

Sales and Marketing
Sales and Marketing

Powerfully manage your sales and marketing.

Entranet Success Story - Lovering Jewellery

“The Entranet has become one of the most fundamental elements of our company. With Entranet, we can easily and practically follow all business processes such as customer relations management, stock management, human resources and accounting from a single point. Moreover, when we are out of the company, we can easily manage the system online from both a phone and a tablet.”

Yalcin Ulcay
General Manager, Lovering Jewellery

  • Love Ring Kuyumculuk e-ticaret altyapısı için Entranet’i tercih ediyor
    Love Ring Kuyumculuk e-ticaret altyapısı için Entranet’i tercih ediyor
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