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Online Donation System

Online Fundraising

Donations made online by debit or credit card, open donations with their category and source appear on your screen. Your donor is instantly informed by e-mail and sms.

Listing All Donation Forms

List donation forms by category. See information such as donation type, donor. Define stages and act on donations.

Sorting Donations into Groups

Divide your donations into groups such as general, projects, online donation, sms, environment and nature. See the total donation amounts of the groups, make analysis.

Scholarship Management

Listing Scholarships

List your open, pending, closed and canceled scholarships. See the scholarship, its donor, number of semesters, distributed and remaining amount. Add new scholars and donors, track and get reports.

Distributing Donations to Scholars

List your donations and see the details of the distributed and remaining scholarships. Make the scholarship distribution easily.

Adding Educational Institutions and Terms

Add your fellows under educational institutions. See sponsors that offer scholarships for the educational institution. List your scholars by monthly and annual terms.


Project management

Open crowdfunding projects such as the construction of an educational institution, cultural center, orphanage. List your projects, track completion rates.

Completed Project List

See the start-end date, project amount, donors and amounts in the details of the project. Add photos to projects under construction or when completed.

Accounting Management

Current Account Tracking

Create a current account record for your participants. See the total donations, status, and last transaction dates of your current clients. List their current movements.

Income Expense Tracking

Record and track all operational expenses, administrative expenses and personnel expenses of your community. Don't get surprises.

Finance Diary

Monitor all your financial transactions such as income-expenses, expenses, advances on a single screen on a daily basis. List your payments, invoices.

Managing Your Contacts (CRM)

Adding Activities to Your Supporters and Members

Add activities to your supporters and members. Record call logs, visits and notes.

Bulk SMS and E-Mail Sending

Save your contacts' contact, current account information. Send bulk sms, e-mail, publish newsletters.


Online Fundraising

Categorize donations. Provide your participants with the opportunity to make easy and secure donations with a debit or credit card.

Informing Your Community

Keep your community informed of your activities. Reach your members, donors and people in need.

Access from All Devices

Thanks to the mobile compatibility of your website, your customers can access from all mobile devices.

Staff management

Management of Personal Files

Save all personnel files of employees. Keep it organized and updated. Easily access when you need it. Do not suffer in the face of laws and lawsuits.

Leave and Overtime Management

Track the paid and unpaid leave of employees. See their overtime, work schedules and working times.

Team Management

Build your community's organizational structure. Define roles, authorities, departments and positions. Manage your team with projects and tasks.

Call Center

Seeing Caller's Information

See the caller's personal information on your app. Automatically save your call information. List the calls. If you wish, start a new call.


Review statistics for volunteer or organization representatives. See the call calendar and daily call schedule.

Mobile Application

Access from Mobile Devices

Use the foundation and association application with iOS and Android applications on all mobile phones and tablets without feature restrictions. Manage your community from mobile.

Monitoring Money Movements on Mobile

List incoming donations, your currents, safes, and bank accounts. See your receivables and debts. Examine the income-expenditure analysis.

Managing Your Employees from Mobile

Track your employees on mobile. Use your human resources efficiently.

Dues Tracking

Tracking Dues

Define your dues items, track your dues and get reports.