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Product & Stock Management

Suppliers / Purchasing

Supplier and Procurement Management provides effective processes to identify the right suppliers, make quotes and negotiations, and manage your supply chain.

Advanced Product Management

We offer a comprehensive set of tools for the management of your products. Easily manage your product information, variants, pricing and availability.

Warehouse and Stock Management

Monitor the stock status of your products. Optimize your warehouse processes. Simplify inventory management. Effectively manage the inventory processes of your business. Increase your stock efficiency.

Warranty and Serial Tracking

See the history of each product by tracking your products by serial numbers. Manage your customers' warranty claims effectively. Notify customers with automatic reminders when warranty expires.

Order & Dealer Management

Order Management

Receive, process and track customer orders. Effectively manage the order process from start to finish. Provide customers with accurate information by automatically checking their stock status. Manage payment processes and offer different payment options. Increase efficiency by evaluating your orders with reports and analysis.

Dealer Management

Easily manage your dealer network and add new dealers. Track and process your dealers' orders. Offer retailers customized pricing and promotions. Evaluate their efficiency by analyzing dealer performance.

Payment Methods and E-collection

Offer your customers flexibility and a secure shopping experience by offering a variety of payment methods and e-payment solutions. Manage your customers' payment status by tracking their payment history. Save time with automatic invoice creation and sending. Inform your customers by sending payment notifications and reminders.

Shipping and Return Orders

Prepare your orders for shipment and track shipment. Streamline shipment tracking by integrating with shipping companies. Receive, process and track return requests. Evaluate returns processes with reports and analysis. Simplify inventory management by updating the stock status of returned products.

Campaign and Price Management

Create and manage different pricing options. Save time by making bulk price updates. Set pricing policies based on product groups. Generate discount coupons and promo codes. Make customized pricing with customer segmentation. Evaluate campaign and price performance with reports and analysis.

Website & Mobile Application

B2B Reseller Portal

Let your dealers view the current stock status and enable them to easily manage their orders. Provide your dealers with special offers by offering customizable pricing and promotions. Provide dealers with customized reports, order history and financial information. Improve your collaboration by monitoring and analyzing dealer performance.

Content Production and Management

Create professional-looking content with a powerful content editor tool. Easily embed and edit visual and text content. Plan your content creation and publishing process with the content calendar. Improve your search engine rankings by creating SEO friendly content. Simplify content management with multi-user access and authorization.

Customer-Specific Mobile Application

Create a mobile app to promote your brand and products to customers. Share product catalogs, prices and stock status via mobile application. Increase loyalty by offering special offers, discounts or promotions to customers. Give your customers the opportunity to place orders, make payments and track delivery through the mobile application. Communicate quickly with your customers through customer notifications and instant messaging.

Website Template

Build a website quickly with easy-to-use and customizable templates. Customize templates to align with your business brand identity. Enrich your website by adding visual and text content. Improve your website's search engine rankings by using SEO-friendly templates.

Seo and Modern Web Solution

Improve user experience with mobile-friendly and responsive designs. Do content optimization for targeted keywords. Improve search engine optimization by editing meta tags and title tags. Improve your website indexing with URL configuration and sitemaps.

Accounting Management

Fast Accounting Management

Organize and track your income, expenses and costs. Create invoices, track collections and manage payments. Manage your bank accounts and monitor your bank movements. Automate tax calculations and generate reports. Track employee salaries and payrolls. Evaluate your company's finances with financial reports and analysis. Streamline digital accounting processes with e-invoice and e-archive integration.

Customer Relations (CRM)

Strong Customer Management

Provide a single central platform to manage your relationships with your customers. Provide personalized services by tracking customer contact information and history. Track sales opportunities and manage customer purchasing processes. Record and track customer requests and provide fast and effective solutions. Gather feedback and improve customer relationships to increase customer satisfaction. Better understand your target audience and optimize your marketing strategies with customer segmentation and analytics. Give field teams access to customer information and interactions with a mobile-friendly CRM app.

Human Resources

Easy HR Management

Manage and keep staff information up to date in a central location. Evaluate candidates and streamline your hiring process by following the recruitment process. Identify employee training needs and plan training programs with training management. Evaluate employee performance and provide feedback with performance management. Measure and improve your company's human resource efficiency with workforce analytics and reports. Track employee leave requests and facilitate leave planning with leave management. Give employees access to their information and offer self-service with the employee portal.


Payment Institution POS Integration

Integrate the transactions you perform with your POS device instantly into your accounting application. Have the opportunity to list and report all POS transactions in a practical way.

Bank Account Integration

Instantly monitor the current transactions in your bank account via Trizbi.

ERP Integration

Easily exchange data with other software with ERP integration

API Integration

Build and publish your own API.

Call Center Integration

Integrate with companies that provide call center services to manage your calls through Trizbi.

Mail Services Integration

Thanks to the mail services you have integrated, you can create mail templates and lists, and send your mass mails quickly.

SMS Services Integration

Use the integration with SMS services to send your SMS via Trizbi, so you can perform your transactions without the need for any other software.